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Blue is one of the most honorable, kind and trustworthy person you will come across in your lifetime. She’s a Spiritual Guide in all the sense of the word. I’ve been consulting with her for the last 4 years, and she’s never given up on me despite many challenging experiences. I was stuck in a rut, and she has literally helped me out of it. I’ve advanced a lot on my path thanks to her advice, her love and her patience. I started seeking her due to challenges in my love life, but soon the topics of our discussions expanded and deepened. I can honestly say, I’ve become more centered and happier with myself, and that reflects in what I’m experiencing and attracting in my own life. During the last years I have talked with her about every possible topic, and I’ve always found her insights and advice very accurate and helpful. She is always ready to help and puts all of her Being into every session. She’s been by my side and guided me through one of the toughest times in my life, and for that I will be eternally grateful. She’s helped me discover and love myself, embrace my artistic talents and encouraged me to let go and flow; and now I’m embarking into a new enterprise that will change the course of my life. I highly recommend her as an advisor, though she’s actually much more than that. Believe me, you’re lucky to have found her.

– written by S, a Libra, living in Peru. A client since January 2012


AhIt is really hard for me to put into words what Blue has done for me and how invaluable her guidance has been. If you’ve crossed paths with her, it is for a reason…it is for you. I encourage you to accept the opportunity to have honest, clear and instructive guidance, that sees through the present and even beyond. This is the gift that Blue offers to those who she helps. Like a well of healing water I want to share her with everyone I love, because I believe after one session with Blue, “you will never be the same”. Blue is intuitive and precise. One can only imagine the level of commitment she has made to “see” so clearly and guide others with such precision. In my first session with Blue, she said one sentence in our first 6 seconds and I knew she could not only see me but could give me the direction I needed. I trust Blue and the guidance she has given me has been very instrumental in my life changes. I am forever grateful.

– written by A, a ‘Moon Baby’, living in California, US. A client since April 2013


I want to let anyone know who is thinking of getting a reading with Blue Diamond, that she is wonderful. I tell everyone about her. Blue Diamond has been reading for me for around 2 years now, and I find her to be a very caring, compassionate and God gifted lady. The first time that she read for me, I knew I found someone who wasn’t going to tell me what I wanted to hear, she was going to tell me the good, bad, and the ugly. As time went on, she was right about everything she said. Anytime I have something in my life that I am not sure about, I contact her.

She is not just Blue Diamond, the lady that reads me, she is now also a friend. I trust her with everything. She has helped with all areas of my life and I am so glad that I found her. Words can never explain what She has done in my life. Through her readings I have hope for the future. Blue Diamond has restored my faith in humanity as she helped a stranger miles away and yet those next to us will ignore our cry for help. I thank you for all that you do….You truly are very good to me. I can never repay you for your kindness and guidance. Thank you times a million! Air hug : )

– written by L, an Aries, living in Illinois, US. A client since July 2010


I have been working with Blue Diamond for over three years, and the advice she has given me has been invaluable. Several years ago, I was feeling overwhelmed by certain circumstances in my life, and a friend recommended I try going online for advising. After a variety of frustrating experiences, I decided to give it one last try. That is when I found Blue Diamond.

She has been so helpful in so many different areas of my life. She has given me the courage to pursue opportunities I never would have gone after in the past. She has helped me discern which of those opportunities will lead to frustration, and which ones would be healthy. I have recently started my own business, and thanks to her wonderful guidance, things are going great. Because of her straight forward advice, I have had the strength to walk away from situations and people that were only bringing negativity and frustration into my life. Her communication style allows conversation to flow easily, like talking to a friend. She has been so patient and kind, and even helped me better understand the horses that I work with (what they are feeling and how I can help them). I can relate to them in a totally different way. Her talents are truly amazing. I really cannot say enough good things about Blue Diamond. I highly recommend her to anyone, you will be amazed at how much she can help with anything you might be going through.

– written by K, a Capricorn, living in Illinois, US. A client since May 2010


When I think of Blue Diamond I think of calm and that there is always a solution.  She has been a valued advisor to me for over 7 years and I’m so thankful for the way she has helped me grow in confidence, spirituality, and peace.   Her clarity of what’s happening in any given situation is uncanny and although she is always right on point, I am still amazed at her accuracy.   She also helps me see things from a new vantage point which is invaluable when I am stuck in old ways or patterns.  I appreciate her many talents and her direct communication style.  I am truly grateful to know her and that I have her support and help.

– written by R, a Leo, living in California, US. A client since October 2008


I have been to many Psychics, Life Coaches and Mentors, spent a lot of money because I was unhappy and miserable in my life until I met my angel Blue Diamond. Yes I say angel because she is my intuitive guide, mentor and life coach all wrapped up into one. With her guidance I am much happier than I was and on my way to complete happiness as opposed to the confusion and darkness I was in. After I met Blue I realized that despite talking with other advisors or psychics she was the only one who was most accurate and really knows what is going on with me. I have had several meltdowns and turn to her in my time of crisis just to have her put everything into perspective again. Even when I do not listen and go against her advice, I always come back for only she truly guides me in a way no other can.

I remembered while in nursing school I had a difficult time and turned to her. She told me that I would get through it but really belonged in business and should pursue that. I did complete nursing school and I’m working as a nurse but not as happy as I thought I would be. Had I listened to Blue I would have been on my right path already. Blue has encouraged me to move and I have started my transition to Georgia where I will be moving to…I can say that each time I visit the State to get things in order, I feel a rush goes through my body that wants me to stay there! Once I get there I will start business school and I am sure I will be much happier because I can feel it already!!

-written by S, a Capricorn living in New York, US. A client since November 2007


I have been working with Blue Diamond for almost 5 years now. She has helped me through a move, a career change, getting married and the loss of my mother. I have spoken with a variety of people about most of these matters, none as insightful as she. I went through countless bad relationships before meeting my current husband. Blue Diamond is always helpful and supportive. She helped me decide to go back to school and embark on a new path. At the time I was a single mom not going anywhere. Now I own my own business. I am happily married. On top of all of this she has helped me find a healthy way to grieve the death of my mother. I don’t think I can properly put into words all the things, all the problems that Blue has helped me with. She is my trusted friend, my adviser, my confidante. She has the most amazing insight into emotions. I just don’t have enough good things to say about Blue Diamond. Thank you for everything!

– written by J, a Libra, in Colorado, US. A client since November 2007


Over the years Blue Diamond has helped me grow in so many ways. She is one of the most gifted and talented individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She has helped me find the keys to advancement in many areas of my life.

For instance, hard work is only one aspect of survival in the corporate environment. Blue Diamond put into context my company’s confusing actions and I was able then to use the information productively. She helped me understand where my talents would be best used, and what people to align with. This insight helped me navigate my professional relationships which resulted in promotions and job security during tenuous times..

She helped me bridge communication and I became a better friend and spouse. She provided insight into the emotional needs of my loved ones and the way I am perceived. I was then able to see what areas of myself to put effort into and focus growth.

Blue Diamond helps me understand and foster my beautiful Crystal daughter. How best I can support her and what she needs to grow up happy and connected to her gifts.

But some of the best work I’ve done with her has been around finding my purpose in this lifetime. She has helped me connect to my higher self and remember who I am. I move through the day with more conviction in my dreams now and I can make decisions that will support my life goal.

– written by S, a Scorpio, living in California, US. A client since October 2007


I first picked Blue Diamond at random from a list of advisors because I liked the colour blue of her profile picture. We had a session. She did not tell me any of the things I wanted to hear or that I expected to happen….so I dismissed her in my mind as yet another fraud…then, as the months went by, everything she had described happened EXACTLY as she had said….an image she had described in particular happened exactly like she had seen….so I went back to her and in the 8 odd years I have talked to her, she has unfailingly been right in what she has foreseen. Sometimes, she sees actual scenes that have not taken place yet, it’s quite uncanny….or she tells you how you will be feeling over the next few months, and as time passes, you realize that she had seen even the little details…like the jobs of new people you were going to meet or the way people around you feel about you….

Sometime ago I went through a bit of a crisis and not only did she accurately predict the outcome AND the timing of it, she was also extremely supportive and patient with my incessant doubts and insecurities and behaved like a friend, warm and attentive. She gave me advice that worked and really helped me through this rough patch, even though she did not think I was choosing the best option for myself…and of course, she was right there too, but that’s another story….

Countless times I have thought “No, this time she’s wrong, it can’t be” and countless times, she has proved right. So I would include a word of warning. Talk to Blue Diamond only if you want to be told the truth. Be prepared to hear things you might not like, because whatever she says IS true and WILL happen….she is 100% honest, she knows what you want to hear, and yet she will only tell you what she sees.

I did not really believe the ability to see into the future existed before I “met” her, but now I have to admit that she definitely has a gift, and a rare one. She could get rich with that and yet, she has chosen to charge a very reasonable fee, so you know she means to help….

I have a prediction of my own….if you talk to Blue Diamond once, you will come back…..

– written by A, a Virgo, living in France. A client since February 2004