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Creativity Through The Chakras

The Creative Process through the chakras:

You draw inspiration from the Muse from your Crown chakra, you envision and mentally create, set the stage of your creation with your Third Eye, you draw strength and creative power and abilities from your Throat chakra, you draw love and passion for your creation from your Heart chakra, you take action to create your creation from your Solar Plexus chakra, you give life, colour, individuality to your creation from your sacral chakra and you release your creation and share it with the world from your Base of Spine chakra.

If you feel blocked in your creative process in any of these areas, examine the chakra and heal.   Some examples: 

If you are experiencing writers block but envision yourself writing a book, work on your Crown chakra.  If you are putting in the time painting every day but can never see yourself displaying your art in a gallery ever in the future, work on your Third Eye chakra.  If you’re buying cookbooks, dreaming about cooking, going to new restaurants because of an up-and-coming chef is in the kitchen, and have lots of foodie friends but have no will to cook though you have a strong desire to, work on your Throat chakra.  If you are producing beautiful digital art images weekly that are well received but you feel burnt out and depressed, and loathe getting up in the morning to start the routine again, work on your Heart chakra.  If you’ve bought a bunch of scrapbooking supplies, have pictures organized, ideas laid out, collected stickers, and various crafting supplies, and you’ve even dedicated a room to this crafting love but you never go in there except to add more to your collection, work on your Solar Plexus chakra.  If you’ve studied photography and take pictures everyday but you never deviate from what you’ve been taught, while people comment that your pictures remind you of so and so’s work, and you’re at a loss at how to make it your own unique self-expression, work on your Sacral chakra.   And if you are a seasoned painter who has dedicated years into amazing works of art but you can’t seem to let them go long enough for anyone else to enjoy them, work on your Base of Spine chakra.

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