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Insights & Guidance

I am highly intuitive and intelligent. I can penetrate through the layers and levels of consciousness identifying what is obstructing Joy and Love, obstructions that make people unwell and unhappy. I can to see what is really going on. I know what motivates people, what their True Self is, their True Path in life. I can also see past lives with ease and clarity. With this knowledge, I illuminate more of who a person is and their path ahead. Freedom and awakening are of the utmost importance to me – Knowing and Truth – and sharing this, when requested, in an unconditionally loving way is how I show respect for all people and for myself. Most of all though, knowledge is not enough and being intelligent is not enough. Instead, being truly insightful is where transformation can occur and shifting lives into a much happier expression and experience can result.

I provide insights into whatever you need answering. I can help guide you forward in the way that will bring you joy, and the best methods that will lead you into expressing who you truly are. The intricacies of relationships are complex and unique in each case, and I am very effective in assisting with these heartfelt and intense soul matters. Every one is an individual and I deal with each and every client with the penetrating wisdom of knowing who they are. I am here when you need me.

Distant Healing

The healing I do is a challenge to articulate. It has evolved over many years of applied theories, elaborate methods I’ve developed, and have experienced as effective. It is healing by every angle creating a cohesive powerful result. I attune to the highest possible good and am able, at a distance, to create amazing progress. This refers to progress in whatever area of life, consciousness, physical aspect etc that is of need and has been requested to be of my healing focus. I’ve done grand scale healing with immediate results that has affected many people and have also done powerful healing on individuals that has brought about catharsis, physical recovery, life dreams come into being, and Joy. I am constantly perfecting this skill for I have witnessed great good come from it and it brings me such happiness. I will work on whatever aspect of being until I see a certain level of healing take hold and an internal perfection stabilize.