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Moon Phases At A Glance

Here are the Moon Phases and what to focus on when manifesting goals.

New MoonClear your mind. Envision. Hold your intention. Take the first steps. Plant the seed.  Create a vision board.

CrescentBe Observant. Allow for inspiration. Take notes. Stay Positive. Go with the Flow without imposing your will.

First QuarterAction time! Do everything you can towards achieving your vision. Every effort counts, no matter how small.

Gibbous:  Prepare your heart for joy.  Don’t force things to happen.  It’s not time yet.  Clear the way for ease of entry into your life.

Full MoonBe in the Now. Experience the joy of results. Allow yourself to Be fully. And don’t give up. Disallow negative emotions. Positive affirmations instead to get you through if need be. Take personal record of all the positives to honour your life and yourself.

DisseminatingTime to share, share, share.  Be social.  Let people know of your recent experiences.  Compare notes.

Last QuarterDraw your energy back to you.  Only take action if absolutely required.

Balsamic MoonIt’s time to let go.  Release.  Clean.  De-clutter.  Detoxify.  Purify.  Be at peace.