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recent compilation:

I am worthy of true nourishment.

I am nourishing my body, mind, heart and soul.

 I am gentle, calm and thankful.

I am free and clear of all boredom.

I am valuable.

I am relaxing and enjoying peacefulness.

I am calming my nerves. I am healing my nervous system.

I am accepting the truth. I am safe and moving forward.

I am open to joyous change.


Feel free to say these affirmations in your own time and way. However, I do present this concept: Say each affirmation 9 times, then all of them at once, then again 9 times each and then all at once, and continue this for 9 mins every day for 9 days, and see what happens in your life. Call it an experiment. : ) And do share in comments how the process goes for you if you wish. You are welcome to do so.

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