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New Service: Chakra Assessment & Healing

Introducing a new service I’m providing:

Chakra Assessment & Healing

The cost is $100. I will assess each of your Chakras and provide a healing for each. You do not have to be a regular client to ask for this service. It is done remotely. I will need your name and your birth data. The chart will be used to hone in but will not be used for the process directly. I also request that you indicate whether you want a minimum of healing effort (will help you flow in a positive way and draw good into your life) or a maximum effort (will remove blocks and can cause big changes in your life; this can include a healing crisis. A healing crisis is when you need down time to integrate massive healing. This could manifest as similar symptoms of having a cold, general fatigue – needing lots of rest & water). The cost is the same whichever degree of intensity you choose.  This service is available starting today.