Life Strategist • Effective & Trusted Advisor • Good Counsel


My name is Kathleen; my clients call me Blue Diamond or BlueI’ve dedicated my life to helping people succeed in their lives and I have found that I excel in this endeavour.

To achieve this, I have developed several abilities in over a decade of intensive focus and transformation.  All my development has been self-directed, genuine and brought out from within.   With great clarity and devotion, I heal and serve the good in others and in myself.  The determination to bring forth more of my abilities and capabilities never ceases.  I dedicate a majority of my days to inner self-perfection, healing, and meditation.  This intensity enables me to cut through what blocks people from moving ahead in life and allows me to see with great depth of insight into people’s lives and consciousness on many levels.

 The accuracy and efficiency of my guidance is both natural due to great Soul Integrity and sharpened constantly out of my love and passion for the Truth.  I’ve spent years clarifying my being, freeing myself of obstructions to seeing the Truth in all cases.  This has not impeded my compassion and generosity – but instead has made me stronger in both these virtues.  I am known as trustworthy, good, supportive, authentic, powerful and kind.   I am here to help you when you are in need and ready to move forward.

 Bless you and be well.